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Actual version: 1.0.0 REV 13 Beta (Test version)

Good Teacher is a program for creating interactive presentations and tests. The program is under an open source license, so the download is completely free and it will always be that way!

Good Teacher x64 (64-bit)

(x64) SHA256: 5a9da4140fdeceacd3da73b8510e1d087f4b380f52ea789123092039447ee661

Good Teacher x86 (32-bit)

(x86) SHA256: 663fc99911db2ffc5885e6e0fcce24babbca8477bcd2e0b6d5c2f21f02dbccb5

V 1.0.0 REV 13 Beta

Languages: En, Sk

Date of last update: 06.09.2020

If you get a run-time error, you do not have the newest update .Net Framework. The necessary part of Good Teacher is the .Net Framework (4.8 or higher version). Download newest .Net Framework.


Open Source project

Good Teacher is completely free. It does not matter if you want to use it for private purposes, educational or commercial use. It will always be free!


Speed and stability

Enjoy fast and stable presentations. You do not have to wait until the file is loaded or saved. With the Good Teacher you do not wait too long. Experience smoothly creating presentations.


Huge abilities

Do you want to create perfect presentations? Create them in the smallest detail. Add: 3D Objects, Websites, Forms, QR Codes, Drawings and more ...

What does Good Teacher do?

Good Teacher consists of two programs. Good Teacher and Good Teacher Repairo. Create your Good Teacher presentations and tests and then review and correct the Good Teacher Repairo results. Make note of important notes, errors, exported to PDF, and submit. Presentations are not just plain images, they are interactive. Add animations and create perfect presentations.

3D model

Make an impression by viewing 3D models right in the presentation. The program can import obj (Wavefront), 3ds, lwo, stl, off models.

Interactive charts

Graphs that are not just as pictures, They react to the user! Application includes pie, column, folded column, line, bulk, and other charts ...


Custom format

You do not just have to make presentations. Set any format such as A4, add content, and print. For example, you can create workbooks, posters or whatever you need.



Add response buttons to your presentation. Make your own test using text boxes, check boxes, selection fields, buttons, and much more.



Create simple and easy, while advanced mathematical formulas. Add squares, powers, special characters, divided, times, everything you need with simple buttons and editing.


Web page

View the website directly in the presentation. You can view games, videos, tests, or anything else on the web right in the slideshow. You can use the web site to create even more beyond the boundaries of the program.

QR kód

QR code

Create Good Teacher Poster, Magazine, or anything you want to print? Need to share a long link? Add a QR code where you can encode text or a link. Good Teacher can create a QR code, EAN-13, Code128 and more ...



Application simplifies design creation. With the archive, you do not have to search your pictures all over the computer. Once you add them to the presentation, they are easy to work with. Good Teacher provides a variety of tools to create an awesome design such as a gallery or content viewer.



Do you want to improve your presentation? Add animations. For example, you can make animations by moving around or discovering an element. Animations have a hill function, such as repeating in a cycle to create interesting things.

Samostatná prezentácia

Build a standalone application

Did you create a presentation and need to run it on the second computer? You do not have to install Good Teacher on all computers. Make a presentation at home, build a standalone executable program (.exe) that you run anywhere. You can now share your test or presentation with anyone without having to install Good Teacher.


About Good Teacher

Good Teacher is an open source project created by Miroslav Murin. It is programmed in C # and contains a lot of code and classes. The main role of the program is to create live presentations that captivate people. One of the awesome features of the program is the presentation tests. We can create playful quizzes, tests, or forms. The program also serves for site design. For example, a magazine where we can easily superimpose look or add QR code, charts ... We can export the entire presentation to PDF or to a series of images. We can create a standalone presentation that we run without the need for an installed application.

The program is currently licensed under the GNU GPLv3 license.


The prepared test as a sample can be downloaded here (.GTCH). ZIP test built into the EXE version here (.EXE).

SHA256: 154c7aa241c1f642b8401d5d9cef075015a111241305cf6bfae17c9af1a1b838

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